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Coliseum Update: With Or Without Isles

Some major Long Island developers are putting their hands in the ring regarding the development of the 77 acre parcel the New York Islanders currently sit on.  Here is a link to learn more about what is about to happen:


My take on the subject is an obvious one.  How could they develop the land without the Islanders after all that the team has been through in trying to build on the property themselves for years?  If the team leaves Long Island it will create a huge hole, something that a new development won’t be able to fix.  Doing poorly for so long has hurt the team and their positioning to develop the land for many years.  It’s too bad too, hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders will have broken hearts if the team leaves in 2015.

Looking forward to hearing about what happens today.  I’d be there myself if I didn’t have a serious cold.

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