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NYI Training Camp 2010 Pics and Video

Here’s a post for some NYI die-hard fans out there. The video contains a bunch of drills the team goes through in preparation for the regular season. You can see the guys battling it out in what for some of them could decide where they end up at the beginning of the season. Remember last years camp rising star?

Matt Moulson, who sustained it through the season, good for 24th highest goal tally in the league. There are also some pics at the end of the post. I’m still trying to work the D90 to get clearer shots, and most of the video was shot with my new Motorola Droid X. It’s amazing how technology is opening doors for journalists writers hacks bloggers like myself.

You’ll need to sign in to leave comments. Let me know if there is something you’re looking for this week. I should be back for at least one more day of camp before the Blue & Orange scrimmage.

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